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Courier Solutions and Purchasing Agent.

Americargo Express makes it easy to make international purchases. If you want to order products from the United States or Asia, we can help make the logistics of your shipment.


Place your order for your item(s) and have it delivered to our address. Follow the instructions below for completing the shipping portion of your order. 

Your Name / Country of Destination HN, GT, COL, RD, MX, PTY, ECU, CR

Service requested for shipment (Air or Ocean)


                                       2131 NW 79th Ave                                            

                                       Miami, FL 33122                                          

                                       Your phone number                                         


If you want to make international purchases, but don't have a method of payment accepted by your provider, email us at and we will act as your purchasing agent. You can pay for your item at the country of destination in the country's currency. ***


Once you make your purchases, let us know. Email us at with the tracking number(s) for your order and we will track your package until it arrives at our location. Send us the evidence of the purchase or Invoice. Your package will then be sent to your country and you can track the rest of its travel here

Once your purchases arrives at destination, we will contact you by e-mail, text or phone call letting you know the amount to pay. Then you can make your payments via Paypal, Credit Card or you can deposit in any of our bank accounts.

To pay with Paypal, please use the button below, add the amount to pay and include your Warehouse Receipt number.


Complete the new customer application to receive all your letters and magazine subscriptions free with your parcel shipments.


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